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Experienced North Carolina Mediators Providing Dispute Resolution to Complex Cases 


Complex legal disputes are often settled without going to trial, saving the parties involved time, money and a lot of frustration. At Beason & Trehy Conflict Resolution, LLC, in Durham, North Carolina, our mediators have over  75 years of experience helping solve disagreements using successful mediation techniques. Since 1992, our firm has worked hard to help people throughout the country avoid the more adversarial process of courtroom litigation.


Beason & Trehy Conflict Resolution, LLC, a Durham-based mediation practice in North Carolina, specializes in providing mediation services to clients across the nation. In navigating the intricate landscape of legal disputes, we employ effective mediation techniques to settle complex matters outside the courtroom. We are dedicated to facilitating resolutions that save time, money, and unnecessary frustration for our clients. 

Our approach revolves around tailoring strategies to the unique aspects of each case we undertake. As Respected mediators, we bring a wealth of qualities to the table:

  • Comprehensive understanding — Our extensive experience spans a diverse range of complex issues, allowing us to apply the skills and knowledge necessary for successful dispute resolution.
  • Dedication — Exclusively committed to dispute resolution, we provide focused mediation and arbitration services to address the specific needs of our clients.
  • Effective problem-solving skills — We meticulously analyze the intricacies of each dispute, attentively listening to the concerns of all parties involved to achieve a satisfactory resolution.
  • Risk Analysis — Recognizing the importance of effective risk analysis, we integrate this crucial element into our practice to enhance the overall resolution process. 

Our firm is dedicated to keeping disputes out of the courtroom by leveraging our seasoned mediation services. We take pride in our role as accomplished mediators, resolving cases before they escalate to trial.

Accomplished Mediation Firm Resolves Cases Before Trial

Our firm is exclusively focused on resolving civil litigation matters through alternative dispute resolution. We provide these services to alleviate the need to go to trial:

  • Mediation — As a result of our 75 years handling a broad range of complex matters, our attorneys bring conciliation prowess to all of our mediation services.
  • Arbitration — Sometimes arbitration is required in contractual and other legal disagreements. Arbitration is a process by which an independent person is officially appointed to hear arguments and evidence and settle a dispute outside the court system. We act as independent arbitrators in deciding a variety of civil disputes.

Legal problems can often be more effectively resolved by avoiding an adversarial trial. Our firm has built a nationwide reputation for successfully settling cases using alternative dispute resolution.